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with our systematic approach

The idea is straightforward. To run a successful conversational AI operation, you need the right people, the right technology, and the right organizational structure. That’s why we don’t offer a product, we offer a process.

Our systematic approach helps clients every step of the way. Get support from start to finish, or take it from where your business currently stands.

The true potential of

conversational AI is where business goals meet

the wants and needs of your customers.



Develop your conversational AI strategy

It’s paramount you understand where your conversational AI operation currently stands and where to go next. Only with a clear strategy and strong underlying business case you can create a solid playbook for the future.

Business review

Discover where your business stands and how your conversational AI operation can be improved.

AI Assistant review

Let our experts review the quality of your conversations and the NLU performance of your AI Assistant.

Strategic discovery

Get support from our consultants to shape your vision, strategy, and underlying business case. 

Future playbook

Build a solid implementation plan that helps you execute your conversational AI strategy.



Set your organization up for success

You want to make sure your organizational structure, your IT and data landscape, your platform, and the skills and competences of your conversational AI team are aligned with your strategic ambitions.

Training and certification

Upskill your team in record time through bespoke workshops, top-tier education and certification (CDI) and/or team assessments.


Temporarily strengthen your in-house team by tapping into our network of global professionals.

Organizational alignment

Let our consultants support you in creating the right organizational structure depending on the maturity level of your AI Assistant. 

Technical alignment

Make sure that your IT and data landscape are compatible with the platform and intended capabilities of your future AI Assistant.



Design and implement human-centric AI Assistants

To create AI Assistants with a human touch, you need a structured design process. It includes persona development, detailed conversation design, implementation, NLU training, and the deployment of your assistant. 

Persona development

Together with stakeholders, we develop a persona for your AI Assistant that fits your brand and resonates with customers.


Our conversation designers create useful AI Assistants applying our human-centric CDI Workflow. For chat, voice, and multimodal.


Our AI trainers implement dialogues in virtually any bot platform. It includes testing and training the NLU model to improve cognition.


Expand the language capabilities of your AI Assistant with the support of our localization experts.



Monitor and improve performance

The next challenge is to determine which metrics your team should pay attention to. As you know, your AI assistant is never finished. From this point on, you want to focus on continuous cognition improvement and careful expansion.

NLU optimization

Our AI trainers monitor and improve the cognition of your AI Assistant using sophisticated NLU tooling on a monthly basis.

Journey analysis

We analyze your existing data and journeys to improve the performance and identify new use cases to expand the scope of your AI Assistant.

Metrics review

Evaluate how your team is tracking the performance of your AI Assistant looking at various technical and business metrics.


Compare the performance of your AI Assistant to a peer industry group or against the market average.

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