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CDI Services joins force with Teneo.AI
CDI Services is really excited to announce our partnership agreement with Teneo.AI, a brand from Artificial...
By Martin Andersen • September 2023 • 1 min read
How AI Will Improve the Employee Experience This Decade
We sat down with customer service expert Harald Henn to get his insights into the many ways AI will improve...
By • August 2023 • 5 min read
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Conversation design: Building AI Assistants with a Human Touch
When you think about it, conversations are at the heart of everything. Metaphorically speaking, we "converse"...
By Jurgen Gravestein • August 2023 • 5 min read
Announcement: Launch CDI Services GmbH
CDI Services is pleased to announce the official launch of CDI Services GmbH, operating from Essen, Germany....
By Paul Leeuwis • July 2023 • 2 min read
DALL·E 2023-08-14 10.33
How Conversation Design Improves Your Bottom Line
In the world of Conversational AI, the current buzz is all ChatGPT, integrations, and optimization. However,...
By Jasper Klimbie • April 2023 • 3 min read
DALL·E 2023-04-18 12.44
Market Overview: How Conversational AI Platforms Are Leveraging LLMs
Now the initial hype of ChatGPT has subsided, concrete and practical uses have started to surface. Many...
By Oliver Day • April 2023 • 5 read
CDI Services Is Proudly Partnering with Virtual Agent Platform Ultimate
CDI Services is excited collaborate more closely with Ultimate: a partnership that will allow both to...
By Martin Andersen • March 2023 • 5 min read
DALL·E 2023-04-19 13.47
ChatGPT: Harnessing The Power Of Large Language Models For Your Business
As a CAI Strategy & Consultancy firm, it is our responsibility to inform our clients on emerging technologies....
By Jurgen Gravestein • January 2023 • 10 min read
DALL·E 2023-04-19 13.43
Driving Business Value With Internal AI Assistants
Driverless cars, robotic warehouses, self-driving trucks - sooner or later these are going to become...
By Jasper Klimbie • October 2022 • 8 min read
DALL·E 2023-04-18 12.42
Why A Strong Business Case Is No Guarantee For Success
We live in the era of automated conversations. Technological advancements in NLU and NLP have made it...
By Paul Leeuwis • October 2022 • 8 min read