CDI Services joins force with Teneo.AI

Martin Andersen
September 2023
1 min

CDI Services is really excited to announce our partnership agreement with Teneo.AI, a brand from Artificial Solutions. This agreement marks a significant step in an already existing collaboration between the two companies

A leading enterprise AI product provider for contact centers, Teneo is a platform that allows both perfect control of your NLU as well as being easy to adopt and use. Having already worked on a number of projects with Teneo, CDI Services’ experts have keen understanding of the platform’s existing capabilities – both in terms of conversational design, as well as a great tool for carefully managed chatbot localization projects.

The agreement also underlines a shared ambition to leverage AI for customers globally, and CDI Services are very excited to further explore and utilize’s LLMs capabilities through OpenQuestion – a SaaS-based voice plug-in that offers great potential for building better customer experiences as well as reducing operating costs.


“This partnership holds immense potential, especially in the DACH market and we can’t wait to embark on the exciting projects we’ll be building for top leading brands.”

– Johnny Ribohn, Strategic Partnerships Director EMEA for Artificial Solutions


This partnership fits perfectly with the main tenets of CDI Services’ mission: To offer informed, unbiased advice and equip customers with the right knowledge, skills, and strategic decision-making for their conversational AI ambitions. Working closely with our partners such as allows us to assist clients on every step towards building a great human-centric conversational AI user experience for their customers.


“Our mission is to help global brands create better experiences that drive real business outcomes and add value every step of the way. Teneo’s scalability, simplicity, and strength make it an invaluable tool that enables us to build advanced conversational AI applications on any channel and language, even for the most complex business cases.”

– Paul Leeuwis, CEO, CDI Services



Our vision is a world without queues, without keypad navigation, with instant service. We’re proud to transform the customer experience for hundreds of millions of consumers around the world, powering millions of interactions every day across our enterprise client base.

Our customers replace traditional phone keypad-based menus with welcoming, short, and precise full sentences – OpenQuestion. The solution is based on our award-winning SaaS-platform Teneo. Which runs across 86 languages and dialects and is fully integrated with call center and contact center systems.

Integrations with Genesys Cloud CX, Google Cloud, Microsoft and OpenAI ChatGPT, demonstrate our commitment to driving innovation in Conversational IVR for the benefit of enterprise contact center operators around the world. Through OpenQuestion, businesses can effortlessly connect Generative AI and Large Language Model functionality to their existing set up; no complications just instant results., Teneo and OpenQuestion are registered brands by Artificial Solutions.

With love from, a brand from Artificial Solutions.

Martin Andersen
Partner Manager
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