CDI Services Is Proudly Partnering with Virtual Agent Platform Ultimate

Martin Andersen
March 2023
5 min

CDI Services is excited collaborate more closely with Ultimate: a partnership that will allow both to grow together, as the conversational AI market develops. Having already worked together for our mutual client Vandebron and achieving amazing results in a short time frame, CDI Services see great value in a closer and continuous collaboration to enable Ultimate customers to get the most out of their virtual assistants.


“Behind every great chatbot lies great conversation design. We’re happy to be working with experts in this field, to provide joyful automated experiences for all of our shared customers.”

Weronika Boron, Partner Manager, Ultimate


A shared mission: Building better bots together

Ultimate’s platform enables customers to take a data-driven approach to building bots, by offering the ability to upload existing conversation logs and automatically finding common topics. In addition to this, the platform also allows for users to gather great user insights via the built-in bot and agent analytics, while the k-fold test capabilities mean that further improvements are always focussed on the biggest pain points.

At the core of CDI Services’ mission is the ambition to equip customers with the right knowledge, skills, and vision for the conversational AI journey ahead of them. This can only be done by offering them impartial, informed guidance and advice. Working closely with partners such as Ultimate, will enable us to give clients the best starting position when planning and building their digital assistants – and ultimately give our client’s customers a seamless and human-centric conversational AI experience.


“We want to align ourselves with partners that not only have a platform or solution that we believe in but also have an established partnership model.”

Martin Andersen, Partner Manager, CDI Services


Here is what you can expect from our collaboration with Ultimate:

  • CDI Services will continue to leverage our CAI expertise to inform, assist, and guide shared customers on how to get the most out of the Ultimate platform.
  • Ensuring that our shared customers see near-instant results and high ROI with AI-powered automation.
  • Building better automated experiences that drive customer retention and long-term engagement.


Naturally, prospective customers will continue to benefit from CDI Services’ in-depth and unbiased evaluation on how their conversational AI ambitions could best be served via the right choice of platform for them.

Martin Andersen
Partner Manager
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