MVP Launch: From 0 To 50% Containment In 8 Weeks

Vandebron is a leading Dutch sustainable energy company. The electricity is generated from wind, solar and biomass, and most of the producers are located on farms or larger wind parks. They see it as their mission to make The Netherlands run fully on 100% green energy, as fast as possible.


bot answered rate across all sessions


containment rate and trending upwards


positive customer satisfaction score based on star rating




Strategy Mobilize Build Optimize




Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Introducing Vandebron

In the spring of 2022, Vandebron and CDIS worked together to launch their customer service chatbot Mick. Within a two month timeframe with a 50%+ containment rate, a 66% positive CSAT, and bot answered rate of 94%.

Vandebron allows customers to source renewable energy from local providers, for example from the farmer down the road with a wind turbine. The end goal is 100% renewable energy, 100% of the time. Their groundbreaking approach and constant innovation is revolutionizing the Dutch energy market. As a very forward facing, legacy free company using technology to help its customers get things done almost speaks for itself.

CDI Services provided end-to-end support from strategy to deployment for the Vandebron’s customer-facing chatbot Mick. Here’s how we made it happen.


Team work makes the dream work

Before starting on the project, CDIS helped Vandebron decide whether Ultimate would be a suitable platform. A quick scan proved that Ultimate was indeed a good fit. Coupled with introductory interviews, this led to Vandebron engaging CDIS as their launch partner for their first customer-facing chatbot.

As a kickoff, we worked with Vandebron and an Ultimate platform expert to determine the best scope for MVP launch. Vandebron then selected a range of detailed FAQ’s in order to help a large section of their customers with their most urgent questions. We were then quickly onboarded with Ultimate. The core dialogues were developed according to the CDI workflow, working closely with Vandebron customer service representatives. At the same time, we worked with Vandebron to design a suitable chatbot persona and name: Mick.

From kickoff to launch was just five weeks. This was due to short lines of communication, quick sign offs and close cooperation between Vandebron, CDIS and Ultimate. The launch content covered the main FAQ’s that customers have for Vandebron, some 30+ intents.


Celebrating its success and looking ahead

The launch went smoothly and the numbers looked positive. After some initial quick fixes, the containment rate quickly settled at a consistent 50%+ level and in the first 3 months, there was a steady rise in 5 star ratings from customers, with user feedback being over 66% positive over that time frame – and trending upwards.

CDI Services provided after-care through constant monitoring of the chat logs. Doing so helped the team add more coverage quickly, ranging from full intents to quick responses triggered by keywords.

Today, Mick is up and running, talking to many of Vandebrons customers on a daily basis. The long term goals are to add relevant transactional dialogues and open up the chatbot to more people, potential new customers even, proactively. Naturally, CDI Services will stay available to provide expert opinion and help with maintenance and optimization, since Mick is growing up quickly.

All in all, a successful project that CDI Services was proud to undertake, even more so as it aligns with our own ideals of a more sustainable future.

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“It’s been great working with CDI Services. They helped us get started quickly with the setup of our first chatbot and the first results are very promising! Their consultants are knowledgeable, creative, and think along in order to build and maintain a good performing chatbot.”

Bob Molenaar

Digital Experience Manager, Vandebron

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