Global Experience Framework Results In +20 Uplift in NPS 

Vodafone Group Plc is a British multinational telecommunications company. They are the largest Mobile and Fixed Network Operator in Europe with over 300 million mobile customers and more than 27 million fixed broadband customers. Their customer-facing AI Assistant TOBi is currently deployed in 15 countries.


points uplift in NPS since 2021


conversations on a daily basis


markets deploy TOBi on various digital channels




Strategy Mobilize




Newbury, United Kingdom


Meet TOBi

TOBi is Vodafone Group’s global virtual assistant. TOBi handles around 1 million conversations on a daily basis and is currently live in 15 markets across multiple channels, including App, Web, WhatsApp, Facebook and Voice. Everyday, more than 100 conversation designers work hard to deliver delightful experiences to Vodafone customers worldwide.


The creation of an experience framework

Vodafone Group asked CDI Services to help shape the creation of a design framework for TOBi designers across all markets. The goal: to drive a consistent and unique TOBi customer experience across all channels, meeting the user needs, and aligning the broader company mission.

Covering both chat and voice channels, the main objective of the framework was to become a “go-to” tool for designers at Vodafone. The framework had to cover: TOBi’s Purpose, TOBi’s Experience principles & personality, and TOBi’s Conversation Design guidelines and best practices.


A complete tool for conversation designer

In both the early and the later stages, we were able to assist Experience Designers at Vodafone Group by:
1. Reviewing the first drafts of the Experience Framework
2. Provide suggestions on how to further shape TOBi’s Principles and Experience definition
3. Collaborate on the Design Fundamentals and best practices examples

We were able to give meaningful input for much of the experience framework’s content. We offered feedback and suggestions that were comprehensive and applicable, detailed, and pragmatic. We also provided a detailed list of all the fundamental copywriting principles for voice and chat, and collaborated on positive and negative examples to demonstrate how these Design Fundamentals should be reflected in TOBi’s responses.

By successfully developing this framework, Vodafone Group now offers clear guidance on how to design for the TOBi experience on all channels, across all markets. We are very proud that we were able to help shape what has become a very complete tool for Vodafone conversation designers worldwide.

CDI Services views Vodafone as a leading example of an innovative, future-focused company that many can learn from.

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"We had to create the Tobi Experience framework from scratch. Having the expert advice and review from CDI Services has really helped us to create with confidence the first version of the Experience Strategy Framework and distribute it to the design community across all Vodafone markets."

Beatriz Lopez Mencia

User Experience Design Manager, Vodafone Group

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