Teaching 10 Applied Sciences Lecturers About Conversational AI 

The Hogeschool van Amsterdam (HvA), or Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, is a large institute for higher professional education in the Netherlands. It offers bachelor’s degree programmes as well as associate degree and master’s degree programmes to roughly 50.000 students every year.


students received a certificate for completing the minor program


Smart Media Production students are starting in September 2022


lecturers now teaching Conversation Design


Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences






Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Meet Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Being one of the largest educational institutes in higher education in the Netherlands, the HvA wants to be a frontrunner when it comes to: Durability, Diversity and Digitalisation. By collaborating and cooperating with future-focused companies like CDI Services, they prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Part of that future is conversational AI and the emerging role of the conversation designer. The lecturers of the HvA were interested in creating a minor program that introduces this new field of work in an engaging way. So, we helped out.


Teaching the teachers

In 2021, CDI Services had the pleasure to teach a group of 10 lecturers of the HvA about conversational AI. We created a bespoke workshop program that talked about create helpful AI Assistants, the CDI Workflow, and how you work collaboratively in a conversational team.

The goal was to create a solid basis of knowledge about this new work field and the role of the conversation designer. As a result of this round of workshops, the teachers of the HvA were able run a minor program around conversation design with their students over the course of 6 months, allowing 150 students to learn about and work on real-world cases in conversational AI. It turned out to be a great success.

A year later, in 2022, we facilitated a second round of workshops with the HvA. These focused on refreshing the lecturers on the design process and included new curriculum on the AI landscape, the fundamentals of AI Training, performance metrics, and the ethics of conversational AI.


The jobs of the future

With Rick Goossen as their guiding force, the HvA has now developed a dedicated, full-year course, part of the associate degree program: Smart Media Production.

We are incredibly proud that we were able to contribute to this project. Not only through workshops, we also had the pleasure of doing multiple guest lectures and participating as jury members during product demonstrations of students. We were thoroughly impressed by the students enthusiasm and hard work.

To sum up the final results of our collaboration with the HvA:
– 10 lecturers of the University of Applied Science of Amsterdam are now teaching conversation design in several different courses within the university.
– Over 150 students of the bachelor programme Digital Media Strategies have succeeded the CDI course Conversation Designer and received a certificate of completion.
– 25 Smart Media Production students are starting in September 2022 with a dedicated conversation design programme based on the CDI workflow for a real life client.

The future of conversational AI is looking bright.

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“CDI Services is a leading expert in the conversational landscape and we are really happy they shared their knowledge during the workshops with us. Moreover, we applaud them for making our students enthusiastic about this field of work!”

Rick Goossen

Team leader & Lecturer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

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