Conversational AI Consultant

Conversational AI Consultants see the big picture. They interview stakeholders, collect meaningful insights, and formulate actionable recommendations on how clients can best move forward. They understand the potential of conversational AI technology – and the challenges teams face when scaling their operations.


Join our office in Amsterdam, NL or Austin, US



Employment Type

Full-time, Freelance

What you can expect

Your day-to-day will vary depending on your project, employment type, rank, and preferences. But everything you do will have these features in common:

  • You work from wherever you want, with the occasional travel for team events or client visits. We also do our best to make sure you and your clients are compatible timezones.
  • You work directly with clients, either on your own or as part of a CDIS Services team. Your assignments may be short or long, one at a time or multiple simultaneously – it depends on the project and your preferences.
  • You operate autonomously based on client and project needs. Whether you’re working alone or as part of a team, we know that you’re a pro – there will be no hand holding from HQ.
  • You’re compensated at market rates, based on your experience. If you’re a full-time employee, you enjoy other benefits, including very generous paid time off and a “work smarter, not longer” approach to work-life balance.

If this all seems appealing to you, please apply. We may be bot experts, but we promise a real person will review your application and reach out to you in case we’re interested.

Our Customers

We collaborate with the world’s most innovative companies to build new experiences for their customers through the power of conversational AI. They have high expectations for themselves, and for us. Although they have many options, they choose us because we are the experts who they can trust with their brands and customer relationships.

About you

You are an experienced Conversation AI Consultant working in the field of conversational AI.


  • You understand the limitations and possibilities of conversational AI technology and you are up to date with trends in the space.


  • You have experience navigating larger organizations and managing different stakeholders.


  • You are investigative and not afraid to ask questions. You’re a strategist, analyst, and customer advocate all wrapped in one.
  • You prize collegiality and transparency – on their own but also as critical drivers of personal happiness and business success.



Bachelor’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Linguistics, or a related field. Or demonstrable work experience in building chat and voice solutions. Being in possession of one (or more) CDI Certificate(s) is considered an advantage.
About us

CDI Services is the global services branch of Conversation Design Institute. We specialize in conversational AI, chat and voice interface design, and multimodal applications.

  • We help clients develop a clear conversational AI strategy with a strong underlying business case.
  • We upskill client teams through hands-on training, certification, and mentoring.
  • We design, build, and optimize conversational AI solutions for clients who need our help to move fast or to scale their operations.

We serve clients throughout the world, with offices in the Netherlands, Amsterdam (HQ) and the United States, Austin TX. We are committed to attracting, training, and retaining the best talent in the industry.

Our team is known for their competence and expertise – by clients and competitors alike.

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Our Hiring Process

If you choose to apply today, you consent to be included in our worldwide network of conversation designers, AI trainers, and consultants. In case we are interested, we will reach out to you.

You might be asked to perform a quick, online screening form so we can get to know you a little better. You will then talk with one of our Managing Directors so we can both get a better sense of cultural fit, project fit, and availability.

From there, the steps vary. We may move quickly to an immediate assignment or wait until an appropriate project kicks off and/or you are available. You may also have the opportunity to get certified via the Conversation Design Institute.

At CDI Services, we value diversity and inclusivity. We invite people from all backgrounds and walks of life to apply.

CDI Services does not accept agency resumes.