Internal HR Assistant Interacts With 100K Employees 

Over the course of 2021-2022, we worked with one of the world’s premier pharmaceuticals to create a best-in-class internal chatbot to serve more than 100,000 employees all over the world. We helped them to re-imagine and transform the communication between employees and the HR department.


employees all over the world


intents in the system


Pharmaceutical Corporation


Strategy Mobilize Build Optimize


2021 — 2022


United States


Moving from a POC to an MVP and beyond

The client’s ambition was clear: to offer a single point of contact for all its employees on HR-related topics. They wanted to offer them a simple yet excellent user experience that allowed employees to get answers quickly, so the employees could focus on their core business. Moreover, the long-term goal was to create an experience akin to what people are accustomed to the level of interaction in today’s market leading virtual assistants, such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

The client had run a successful POC when CDI Services was brought on board. A great moment to join forces. There was feedback from actual users and generally favorable qualitative reviews, with a number of very clear improvements already mapped out. And, most importantly: the POC had proven that there was both need and scope for an internal chatbot.

CDI Services helped our client shift their attention to the future. Stakeholders and team members were interviewed and expert reviews of the POC chatbot were conducted. The conclusions were collected in a strategic report for stakeholders and sponsors, so we could create a clear path forward going from a POC to an MVP and beyond.


The importance of a hand-on approach

We decided upon a hand-on approach focusing on 3 important areas: Tone of voice and personality, Training the NLU model, and Improving the user experience.

Our conversation designers worked directly with the client on improving the conversational tone of the existing dialogues.A persona expert was brought on board to create a comprehensive chatbot persona in cooperation with selected employees and stakeholders, ranging from customer service associates to senior management.

Our AI trainers then worked on optimizing the language model, with an eye on future expansion. After all, an internal ‘single point of contact’ for a large healthcare organization will by definition grow to a large volume of subjects and capabilities. So, training the model with sufficient ánd accurate training data became one of the big focal points for MVP launch.

Lastly, we brought an experienced graphic designer on board to re-imagine the interface and iconography for the chatbot, matching with the brand and the persona that was developed.


Making the operation future-proof

The final phase of this project involved extensive training and coaching of their internal team of experts, to help the client to become custodians of their own chatbot. It is an crucial part of the CDI Services philosophy: rather than making clients reliant, as is traditionally the case, we actively work to transform our knowledge and experience into the organizations we work for.

As new pillars of content were created and incorporated in the chatbot, this became the focal point of the learning experience. We dynamically combined a series of workshops with a steady stream of deliverables. Part and parcel of the team training was onboarding internal AI Trainers to work in their chatbot environment.

Finally, the redesigned chatbot was launched mid summer 2022 with 200+ intents. The further evolution of the chatbot is in secure hands with the internal team of experts, trained by CDI Services. And whenever support is needed, we remain standby.

To us, this case is a true example of our unique and powerful service portfolio. An approach that delivers value to clients every step of the way. We lead by example. Empower in-house teams. And build conversational AI operations that are future-proof.

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“We’ve learned so much working with CDI Services. The thing we liked is their willingness to roll up their sleeves and support us, while simultaneously teaching us what we need to know to be successful on our own.”

Director Intelligent Automation

Global Pharmaceutical

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