Upskilling The HP Conversational Team Within 2 Months

HP Inc. is a technology company that believes one thoughtful idea has the power to change the world. Its product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers and 3D printing solutions helps bring these ideas to life. HP’s Virtual Assistant talks to millions of customers every month and currently speaks 8 languages.


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Meet HP’s Virtual Assistant

HP’s Virtual Assistant (VA) was introduced in June 2017 through a collaboration between Microsoft’s conversational AI engineering team and HP Customer Support. Building on the initial success, at the onset of the COVID pandemic, the chatbot proved essential for successfully mitigating reduced capacity in contact centers.

As of today, the HP’s Virtual Assistant is able to respond in 90% of the sessions with guided troubleshooting, self-serve transactions, web links to more information, or if necessary a seamless handover to a live person. It speaks 8 languages, serving millions of customers per month.

HP approached CDI Services seeking expert advice on how to lift their operation to the next level, identifying possible challenges and opportunities.


Working with our experts

Initially, we started with an Expert Review: a complete assessment of their VA, benchmarking its performance in terms of Conversation Design and AI Training. It resulted in a 360-degree view of HP’s Virtual Assistant and allowed our experts to advise the HP team on what to focus on in the short term and mid term.

Part of the short term improvements (aka quick wins) was the cleaning and restructuring of some of HP’s training data. Our experts worked closely with the HP team to improve the cognition for a selection of 100 intents. The effects of these improvements were confirmed through the use of k-fold testing, and, seeing the direct result of these changes, we were able to show the importance of adhering to best practices in AI Training.

Another important way we supported was training and coaching. The HP team was put through a two-month, interactive workshop program led by our expert trainers. It’s a program that is tailored specifically to advanced conversational teams that are in the midst of scaling their operations and are challenged by the complexities that come with building sustainable, human-centric AI Assistants.

Part of the CDI Services philosophy is that we never provide clients just with our services. We always strive to make teams smarter. And our workshop program aims to do exactly that: to build people’s confidence, provide them with a safe space to learn, and turn them into the specialists they really are. This way we make sure knowledge is transferred and implemented directly into the organization.


A blueprint for the future

Training the HP team – consisting of hardworking, talented individuals – was an absolute pleasure. As experts, we see it as our mission to share our knowledge of the field and facilitate people in becoming better versions of themselves. The HP team, with the driving force of Anju Sharma behind them, exceeded every expectation.

One particularly outcome worth celebrating, was that as a result of the workshop sessions the HP team was able to outline a long term roadmap with continuous improvement goals and activities for HP’s Virtual Assistant: Focus on technical stability, Reduce confusion, Increase engagement, Improve solutions.

Knowing this, CDI Services is more than confident HP has the skills and capabilities to lift their operation to the next level and the team will continue to build great conversational experiences now and in future.

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“It was a pleasure working with the CDI team. Each team member was extremely professional and brought deep expertise in their area of focus – AI training, copywriting, and conversation design.”

Anju Sharma

Manager, HP Virtual Agent

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